Welcome to West Cary Dental - We offer the latest in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Welcome to West Cary Dental!

Our practice has been serving the dental needs of our community since 2003. We approach every patient with the expectation that our relationship will be for the long term. We know that our reputation will depend on how well our treatment, recommendations, and advice hold up over time. Therein lies the heart of our philosophy of practice; we're not looking to simply solve immediate problems and send our patients out the door. We're focused on helping our patients achieve a high level of maintainable oral health. Sometimes there are immediate problems to be solved. That is often the reason for the initial visit to our office. We strive to look further than that. Indications of future problems can often be detected, and with the appropriate care, their impact be minimized or prevented. This can be as simple as changing home care habits, or as complex as major restorative dentistry.

Maintenance of long-term oral health always centers on a patient's participation in their oral health care. From treatment decisions to home care maintenance, our patients are our most valuable partners. We make every effort to provide our patients with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding treatment options and to thoroughly understand their needs. Patient education is the cornerstone of maintainable oral health.

We're looking forward to welcoming your family to our family.

Dr. Amit Patel

New Patients are always welcome

Dr. Amit Patel and staff are dedicated to providing professional care for you and your family. We welcome new patients to our practice and are committed to delivering optimal dental care in a safe and friendly environment.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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